True Quality Certifications Pvt. Ltd.

About Us:

True Quality Certifications Pvt. Ltd.  is one of the leading consultancies in the business of Wind Energy and other renewable energy sectors (Wind, Solar, Biomass, Biogas, other) working from the Central India. TQC, team has good experience and expertise to deliver you a multi-directional design package from concept to commissioning. We are dedicated to work with you to achieve the optimum results for your renewable energy projects from project concept to final execution.

Considering the scenario of highly demanding renewable energy technological up gradation we assure to fulfill the requirement of our clients according to their concept and spending.

Our Area of Expertise:

 Many potential places to Install Wind Farms, Biomass power Plant are far from demand centers, requiring substantially more money to construct new transmission lines and substations. In some regions this is partly because of lack of infrastructure like roads and transportation, power gird. Connectivity to suburbs has discouraged investors to install biomass power plant, especially in rural areas where biomass availability is high, due to roads connectivity to urban area is poor resulting transporting the biomass to plant gets difficult.

Good selection of a site is critical to economic development of any power project. Aside from the availability of Wind, biomass itself, other factors include the availability of transmission lines, value of energy to be produced, cost of land acquisition, land use considerations, and environmental impact of construction and operations. Higher construction cost with higher annual load factors, thereby reducing cost of energy produced. TQC use specialized Wind, Biomass energy software applications to evaluate the impact of these issues related to Renewable energy Projects.